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How To Submit A Claim Online

 1.  Launch the Online Claims Form

 2.  Complete the Form (it will take about 5 minutes)

 3.  Attach your receipts and other documents (before commencing the Form, find out the documents you require below)


launch online claims form

 Have you already lodged your claim via phone or email? Please don’t resubmit online as it may result in  unnecessary delays with your claim assessment.

 ►  To contact us regarding your existing claim, please email 
[email protected]

  •  ► To submit supporting documents for your existing claim, please email [email protected]





Tell Us What You're Claiming For To Find Out The Documents You Need

You were injured or ill overseas and have medical & hospital expenses to be reimbursed

Your trip was cancelled due to a natural disaster, medical event or family emergency

You have additional accommodation or travel expenses due to re-arranging your trip

You have lost, damaged or stolen luggage & personal effects (including phones, laptops)

The hire car accident you were involved in required an excess payment

You are claiming for another reason

The Documents You'll Need Are:

General Documentation

1.  Receipts and proof of payment for each expense you are claiming.

For Your Overseas Medical & Hospitals Expenses
  • 1. Medical report from your Doctor in the country where the event occurred.

  • 2. Discharge summary (if you were hospitalised).

For Your Trip Cancellation Expenses
  • 1. Contact your travel provider first and ask for refund. If they decline or partially pay the claim, ask for a ‘Refund Advice Document’ and supply to us.

  • 2. Original flight schedule/itinerary (with terms and conditions)

  • 3.  Tax invoice with the total cost of your travel and accommodation arrangements

  • 4.  Proof supporting the reason for cancellation

Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses
  • 1.  Original and amended flight itinerary including the terms and conditions/fare rules for the booking and the total cost of your travel and/or accommodation arrangements.

  • 2. Receipts/proof of payment for the additional expenses claimed.

  • 3. Documentation outlining the cause of your expenses (i.e. medical report, letter from airline if delayed).

Luggage and Personal Effects
  • 1. Proof of ownership/ receipts/bank statements for each item lost, stolen or damaged.

    2. Proof of loss (i.e. police report, report to hotel, airline, etc.)

    3.  A repair quote from a reputable provider should the item be damaged.

    4.  The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) of a lost, stolen, or damaged phone.


Rental Vehicle Excess
  • 1.  A police or accident report from the relevant authority.

  • 2. Your rental vehicle agreement that states the rental vehicle excess.

  • 3. A quote or repair invoice for the rental vehicle damage.

  • 4. Receipt/Proof of payment for the expenses incurred relating to the damaged vehicle.

Other Expenses
  • 1.  Upload documentation explaining/supporting the reason for the expenses incurred.

  • 2.  Receipt/Proof of payment for the expenses incurred relating to this event happening.


Claims FAQs

What Can I Expect Once My Claim Has Been Lodged?

Once all the necessary documentation has been provided, your claim will be processed within 10 business days. 

Please note: we need certain documents to properly assess your claim. We are unable to assess claims lodged without the requried documentation. If you have provided some, but not all documentation, we’ll be in touch within 10 business days requesting further documents. 


Can I Lodge A Claim If I Don't Have All Of The Required Documents?

We are able to assess claims far quicker if we receive all the required documentation along with your claim. However, you can lodge a claim right now and attach any missing documents at a later stage.  

How Do I Add More Documents To My Existing Claim?

Once your claim has been lodged, you can provide additional documentation via the Online Claims Form attachment page. It is the fastest way to provide us with additional documentation. All you need to do is enter your Claims Number and attach your documents. They will then appear immediately in our systems.

add attachment to existing claims


You can also provide additional documentation by emailing [email protected], including the Claims Number in the subject line. However, as the inbox is reviewed periodically, it may add unnecessary delays to your assessment. The Online Claims Form attachment page is the fastest way to provide additional documentation.

Contact Claims

You can also lodge a claim by post. However, this may add unnecessary delays to your assessment. A Downloadable Claims Form is available here. The fastest way for your claim to be assessed is by using the Online Claims Form. It only takes 4 minutes and the information immediately appears on our systems.





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