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Heli-skiing Your Way Around The World


What Is Heli Skiing?

There’s no need to wait for a chairlift: when you book a heli-skiing trip, the pilot drops you off after landing safely at the top of a mountain so you can ski down to the meeting point kilometres below.

Each heli-skiing trip involves a scenic helicopter ride and an unmatched experience with nature in remote places. Some heli-skiing itineraries include nights spent in mountain refuges, adding to the spirit of adventure. These can range from basic log cabins to luxurious chalets.

A guide is always with you to lead the way whether you choose a single day trip or a week-long powder spree. Safety equipment is a worthwhile and necessary precaution — a bit like wearing a helmet when riding a bike. An avalanche beeper acts as your immediate insurance, and you should make sure your ski insurance covers you for injuries in such remote surroundings. We provide heli-skiing insurance as an optional extra with our Ski Insurance.


Where To Go Heli Skiing

It’s possible to heli-ski in most corners of the world. Canada is known for endless first tracks thanks to its massive unpopulated terrain. Head to Italy for long runs and picturesque scenery. New Zealand and Chile offer powder bowls and skiing above the tree line. Alaska has steep runs and deep powder and is the most popular destination for powder lovers. 

Pick a destination suitable for your group’s ability level, with any preference for skiing or snowboarding in mind. Accommodation varies widely, as does the experience level of the guides, so check those carefully. Also check that alternative ski options are included if bad weather prevents helicopter flights.


Intermediates And Kids Can Heli Ski

Intermediate skiers and snowboarders can go heli-skiing, and so can kids. If you can get down blue runs confidently, you’re qualified to climb on board. Make sure you’ve tried skiing or snowboarding in some powdery snow before you sign up, just in case you don’t get on with it. Family heli skiing holidays are becoming more popular, with many tour companies offering discounts for kids. If you’re bringing kids, check any minimum ages with the company before you book.


Preparing For Your Trip

Any sort of skiing or snowboarding is a physical activity, so make sure you’re fit. As well as regular exercise, try some ski-specific exercises at least six weeks before your trip. If possible, try to go skiing as regularly as possible before heli-skiing so the right muscles are in shape when you need them both. It’s the best muscle preparation you can get, and the most enjoyable too. Being in tip-top shape lessens your risk of injury and increases the fun factor ten-fold.