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Ski Insurance

How To Find The Right Policy 

For the smart traveller, purchasing a quality travel insurance is not a consideration, it’s a must. Here are the 10 most important considerations you should take into account before purchasing your next policy.


  • 1. Multi-Trip Policies
  • If you’re on the road often, no matter the reason, travel insurance expenses can rack up big time. Annual multi-trip policies cover you for a 12 month period and can include unlimited trips during that time, covering trips up to 90 days!


  • 2. Single Trip Plans
  • If you don’t travel regularly, single trip policies are the best option for you. Ski Insurance policies to ensure you get the cover you need at an affordable price. 


  • 3. Staying In Aus?
  • Just because you’re not on the other side of the world, doesn’t mean things can’t go pear shaped very quickly on a domestic trip. Domestic travel insurance options are very affordable and very useful if unforeseen circumstances arise. 


  • 4. Family Trips - Got A Few Little Ones In Tow?
  • If they’re under 18 they may be able to be added to your policy free of charge! Ski Insurance will allow dependent children and grandchildren to be covered at no additional cost when travelling with two insured adults. 


  • 5. Delays
  • Getting held up due to a flight delay or cancellation can be murder, which can be made even worse if you have to fork out for an extra night in a hotel. Travel insurance can help you out in these situations.


  • 6. Watch Out, Theives About!
  • Things can go missing while travelling, either due to your own forgetfulness or someone else’s light fingers. Wallets, passports, cash and cameras are usually the first (and most unpleasant) things to go. But don’t worry, travel insurance covers the loss of personal items and will be able to assist you in the process of getting new ID if necessary. 


  • 7. Lost Bags
  • The nervous wait at the carousel for your bag can be a harrowing experience, especially if it doesn’t eventually arrive. Travel insurance covers you for necessities and helps you make arrangements to ensure your bags get to you if you have moved on, or replace them if they do not materialize.


  • 8. Planning Something Extreme?
  • Sports and activities come with an inherent risk, and while we encourage you to get outside your comfort zone, you need to be prepared in case something goes wrong. Travel insurance extras can help with activities like bungee jumping, abseiling, canoeing and more! 


  • 9. Already Gone
  • Often people are focusing on the excitement of going away on holiday and purchasing a policy is easily forgotten. Lucky for them Ski Insurance can issue cover for people who have already left the country. 


  • 10. Customized Plans
  • Getting a quote and booking online means you can tailor your plan to give you the level of cover you need and stop you from paying extra on additional levels of cover you won’t need. 


Peace of mind is what travel insurance is all about. Before you depart remember to purchase a travel insurance policy with Ski Insurance to keep yourself covered on your next trip. 


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