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It would be a perfect world if no matter where in the world you travelled for your winter sports fix, you could take your own personal gear with you. Unfortunately, travelling with a pair of skis or snowboard is not easy, especially if you are flying internationally. For Aussies, this presents a huge problem – the best mountains are not in Australia! There are some breathtakingly beautiful alpine resorts in New South Wales, but for high elevation, border hopping is a must. Even travelling within Australia to reach the slopes can be quite a journey depending on where you live.

This leaves two luggage options for snow ski and snowboard equipment – haul it or hire it. You can take your own personal gear with you, although you will want to keep the length of your journey in mind and plan ahead for travelling with skis or board in tow. Or you can hire instead. Renting equipment is an efficient option, as long as you are willing to part with your own gear.


Tips For Flying With Winter Sports Gear

  • Flying can be expensive, and flying with lots of luggage can be even pricier. The trick to travelling with your equipment is to pack lightly. Bring what you need in terms of clothing and personal effects, but you can pack casually for the ski resort. Ski towns tend to be very laid back, you can keep your attire simple and your luggage light.
  • Invest in high-quality bags. If you are planning on flying with your winter gear, then you want to keep your items protected. Look for snow boot and ski or snowboard bags that contain plenty of padding. For easier manoeuvring through the airport, use a wheeled bag. Don’t forget you can use your snow equipment bags to pack other items – use the extra space for goggles, ski gloves, and other accessories.
  • Make sure you are travelling with a good ski insurance plan. Just in case anything happens to your equipment along the way, you want to make sure you are covered.
  • You also should investigate your airline options. Some will charge you a fee for the extra luggage, others won’t. You may be charged only if your skis are a certain length. It all depends on the luggage policies of the airline you are flying with. Check ahead of time so you know what fees you may be subject to for carrying your snow equipment as luggage.

Public Transport

If you live close enough to the slopes, then you can simply drive to the resort with your items. Carry your equipment in the car if you have the space, or purchase a rack to easily transport your 170 centimetre long skis.

Trains, buses, and public transportation may be more difficult. This is where you really need to plan ahead. Find out what the rules are for the transportation you will be using at your destination. If you are a powder junkie flying from Sydney to Colorado’s famed Copper Mountain, find out before you haul your ski gear halfway across the world how difficult it will be to carry it on the bus or taxi to your resort.


Renting or Buying Your Equipment

Does trekking across the world with an awkward ski bag and heavy snow boots not sound like your idea of a vacation? Time for plan B – you can always rent what you need when you get there. The benefits of hiring your gear are:

  • You can travel light.
  • You can avoid any fees from the airline for the extra baggage.
  • You don’t have to worry about riding a public bus in the resort town with a massive snowboard bag.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages:

  • You won’t get to glide down the mountain with your own skis.
  • It may be difficult finding a pair of skis that you are comfortable with.
  • You have to be very careful checking for prior damage to rental gear for your own safety, and to avoid being charged for the repair or replacement costs.

Whether you should travel with your equipment or rent at your destination depends on your personal preferences. Either luggage option has its pros and cons. If you do carry your snow ski equipment with you, make sure you do it wisely for a smooth journey.

Now that you have the logistics of your luggage figured out, you can start packing. Ski Insurance will make sure you have the equipment that you need no matter what happens with cover for luggage mishaps and snow ski equipment hire problems.


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