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Compare Ski Insurance

Where do you start when you want to compare travel insurance for your ski or snowboarding holiday or for competition eligibility? To kick off your comparison, consider these points.


  • Emergency Support
  •  Accidents do happen, emergencies do happen and often off-piste in areas difficult and extremely costly, to reach. If you don’t have extensive emergency rescue and evacuation cover, you must meet the costs yourself. Even though you may be looking to compare travel insurance prices, the quality of the emergency support is the most crucial point.


  • Policy Components
  • Another vital when you compare cheap travel insurance is exactly what the policy covers, what exclusions, how much each component is capped at, and the little extras such as domestic assistance if you return home injured.


  • Policy Back Up
  • Is the emergency medical evacuation carried out by a company who specialises in global emergency support. It’s critical you know who that company is and that you have reliable 24/7 contact. Make sure you also compare the strength and reliability of their underwriter, as any claim you make could depend on their financial security.


  • Extra Security
  • Is there a cooling-off period if you change your mind before you travel. Do you receive emergency contact numbers should your wallet be stolen? What is the company’s track history and how secure is their site?

    For the simplest way to compare travel insurance, online browsing has to be the best. And of course purchasing online direct from the insurer is the best low-cost option.

    Also, compare annual travel insurance with the cost of the company’s single trip insurance. An annual or multi trip policy can be around 40% cheaper overall.


  • Ski Insurance for Professionals and Competitors
  • Not every insurance company will offer insurance cover for professional skiers or snowboarders, especially those offering cheap travel insurance, as it’s a specialised area.

    If you’re a competitor in professional or amateur competitions for downhill racing, slalom or snowboarding, you’re probably already aware that few companies provide tailored insurance specifically for your needs. Any such cover must be put together under Ski and Snowboard Association requirements, and proof of appropriate, comprehensive ski insurance must be shown as part of entry.

    For competitive skiers, it’s even more important to compare travel insurance companies, not just for great value but also protection on the slopes and recognised eligibility to compete.


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