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Planning A Group Trip

Planning a ski vacation for yourself or your family is one thing -- you have your schedule and you know what you want. But when you’re planning for a large group, whether it’s friends, couples, or extended family, you’re on a completely different playing field.

You need a large enough place to accommodate everyone, you need to find dates that work with multiple schedules, you need activities that work for everyone, and you need a great insurance policy that covers everyone, from accidents on the trip to illness and cancellations beforehand.

We’ve put together a list of tips to plan the best group ski trip possible.


Set A Budget

When you’re planning a trip for yourself or your family, you have a budget to stick to. So when you’re planning a group trip, it’s important for everyone to agree on a budget, and for the planner to stick to it.

Ensure the rest of your group that you will also be looking into obtaining an appropriate ski and travel insurance policy, so that the money invested into your trip is not wasted.

In order to make it fair for everyone, prices are usually uniform either per person or per room. Everyone involved should be aware of the budget and have a final price before anything is purchased.


Book Early 

Planning a trip for a large group isn’t as simple as travelling alone, showing up and taking the last spot -- you need to make sure that your destination has room to accommodate everyone, and activities that everyone can enjoy. The best way to do this is to book early, and pre-purchase everything, from ski lessons and lift passes to rental equipment and rooms.


Be Clear With Deadlines

If you are responsible for planning a group vacation, make a schedule, and let all participants know when they should expect information from you, and what deadlines they need to be aware of. This means you should choose dates for things like committing to the trip, putting down a deposit, making payments, purchasing pieces of the trip, and the dates the trip will take place.

It’s also important to purchase an insurance policy ahead of time so that your pre-purchased trip can be covered under your policy.


Have Fun

Remember that the purpose of your trip is to take a ski vacation, so have fun! Skiing is exhausting, and often goes well with other activities like night photography, massages and spa days, and relaxing by a warm fire or in a sauna.


Purchase Travel Insurance

There are many ways that an insurance policy can help protect your group, no matter how you know each other, and there is no minimum for participating. At Ski Insurance, we have covered groups of friends, family, travel clubs, exchange groups, student groups, and more.

With ski insurance, you can cover things like non-refundable trip costs, pre-purchased activity passes, and medical injuries or illnesses that happen on the trip.

It’s especially important to have insurance on a group trip so that when something happens to one participant, the cost of the trip doesn’t fall on the rest of the group, and one person doesn’t miss out while the rest of the group continues with the trip.

One of the great things about travelling with a group is that when it comes to insurance, you may be eligible for a group discount!

If you have questions about finding great ski trip insurance for a group, contact Ski Insurance online today and get a quote so you can start planning.



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