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Where To Go For Snow In August

August in the Southern Hemisphere is the middle of winter, thus, the best time to go skiing. Three great spots to hit the slopes in August are Tiffindell Ski Resort in South Africa, Cerro Castor in Argentina, and El Colorado in Chile.

El Colorado, Chile

This resort is the closest one to the country's capital, Santiago, combining its pistes with nearby Valle Nevada and La Parva. These three locations make up the "3 Valleys of the Andes," which make the biggest skiable area in the Southern Hemisphere.


Getting There

The Colorado is very close to Chile's Santiago airport, just 36 kilometers (22 miles) east of the capital. You can fly into the Santiago airport and either rent a car or take a bus to the resort from there. The resort is smack in the middle of the Andes Mountains.


Terrain & Difficulty Level

Colorado ski center has 112 tracks and a 1,100 acres skiing area, one of the best in South America. It is located 2,430 - 3,333 meters (7,970 - 10,930 feet) above sea level and is formed by two connected villages. The skiable terrain is 40 kms and has 70 ski slopes that range from beginner to expert level. The slopes are all maintained with snow machines and have 18 ski lifts; two with double chairs, three with triple chairs, 12 dragging lifts and two children chair lifts.

The resort offers skiing lessons with 40 instructors that teach ski and snowboarding in both a group setting and individually. There is a specially designed program for kids aged 4 to 10 as well. For those that want to go straight to the slopes without any instruction, the slopes are best suited for beginners and intermediates. There is an advanced ski area on the eastern side that has huge snow dumps, steep chutes and specialized tracks for Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant, and Moguls.


Food & Accomodation 

With two villages, El Colorado has plenty to choose from as far as hotels and restaurants. The Vila Farellones is older, larger, and less expensive, with a more traditional feel. Meanwhile, the Villa Colorado is newer and more modern, with a swanky hotel and several condos. Since it is not too far away from the resort, you can also choose stay in Santiago where you will find a bigger range of cheaper but decent accommodations.

There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and even a disco at the resort, but of course, a wider variety of food and drink establishments still exists in nearby Santiago.


Safety Concerns

As you probably already know, it is best to stay in the beginner slopes if you are not familiar with skiing. Taking a lesson or two is also a good idea in order to get the basics of the sport. If you are more experienced, going to the harder slopes is fine, but you should still use caution like you would with any other extreme sport. Be sure to purchase a policy with Ski Insurance to help give you peace of mind during your ski trip so you can enjoy yourself without the worries.


Tiffindell, South Africa

The only ski and snowboarding resort in South Africa, Tiffindell is located on the Drakensberg Mountains' remote southern slopes. After it closed in 2010 due to disrepair, a new owner took over and upgraded the entire property adding new ski equipment and snow machines. In 2013, it reopened to year-round skiing with real snow from June to August.


British Columbia, Canada

Cerro Castor in Argentina is another awesome ski destination in South America. It is the southernmost resort in the world and also South America's most snow-sure spot. Not only will you get powder fresh terrain, but you will ski while taking in unbelievable views of the ocean below.


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