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Where To Go For Snow In March

Plan an exciting snow adventure before spring arrives at one of the top destinations for skiing and other winter activities. While March is the beginning of spring in many regions in the Northern Hemisphere, you can still find some fabulous places to visit to enjoy one last snowfall.

When you are choosing a ski destination in March, consider a place with high altitudes, such as Geneva, France or one of the surrounding towns. The Three Valleys ski area has altitudes of over 2000m, which means you won't miss out on the snow.

The French Alps

French ski resorts offer many options for travellers. Look for places that offer amenities and skiing for families with children or select one that is more challenging for experienced skiers.


Getting There

One of the advantages of choosing the French Alps for your winter destination is that the area is well connected. You can fly into Geneva, Switzerland or into the international airport at Grenoble. Every city in the area has a direct train from Paris as well as local trains that connect the smaller towns to each other.

Once you arrive in one of the surrounding cities, you can arrange transportation to the Alps. In fact, most of the ski resorts will provide transportation for you. Renting a car is the most convenient way to get around, especially if you plan to do some sightseeing in addition to skiing.


Terrain & Difficulty Level

When you choose a location at the top of the French Alps in the Three Valleys, you will find many resorts are connected, which means you can easily hop from one set of slopes to another. They offer downhill and cross country skiing with runs that range from beginner to expert. In addition to ski facilities, the resorts offer other wintertime activities both within the resort and nearby.


Safety Concerns

Because France is a popular tourist location, it is one of the safer places to choose for your winter travel. As with any destination, you must be careful of thieves and pickpockets who seem to have an uncanny knowledge of who is local and who is only visiting. Always look like you know where you are going even if you aren’t sure and ask for directions or assistance rather than wandering aimlessly.

Keep all valuables locked away and only carry enough money for the day. Only carry one credit card with you and avoid wearing a lot of expensive jewelry when you go into the nearby towns.

If you fly into one of the large cities such as Paris with the plan to drive or take a train to your destination, be on guard. As with any large city, crime is an issue with theft and muggings taking place. Many pickpockets travel in groups, so be wary of multiple people who seem to be loitering. Don’t leave your car unattended with luggage and other valuables in plain sight.

Consider purchasing Ski Insurance for your holiday to give you peace of mind during your travels. You will enjoy your trip much more, knowing that you are covered for the unexpected.


Sälen, Sweden 

Sälen Sweden is another popular location for March skiing. It's not only known for it's incredible slopes, but for the variety of resorts and slopes available. Skiiers have six resorts to choose from, and the slopes are all interconnected. There's a variety of downhill runs, family skiing areas, cross country options, and more. 


Saas Fee, Switzerland

A third option is Saas Fee, Switzerland, an adorable ski village that is surrounded by 4,000m high peaks. Choose this option, and be prepared to experience one of the most charming ski areas in the world. The village is car-free, so plan accordingly.


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